About Mom’s Photo Service

Mom’s Photo Service was inspired by the personal project of a Mom living in Cicero, New York that involved thousands of photographs and slides spanning generations of family members. Now, she is helping friends and neighbors preserve their priceless images for generations to come.

Working with Christine is easy and more affordable than office supply stores and photo labs.

Christine uses state of the art equipment to digitize photos from 2×2.5-inches up to 8×10-inches in size. She also digitizes 35mm, standard-sized (1.5″x1″) slides provided loose or in carousels. Images are perfect for prints, projects, slide shows, Facebook and sharing. Depending upon the size and quality of the photo, images can be enlarged for larger frames or projects.  If you have other types of media (film, video, documents, newspaper clippings), let her know!

Christine is passionate about what she does because she loves helping people preserve their family history. Let her help you save your old photos before they deteriorate and are lost forever.

If you’re one of the many people that have photos stored in shoeboxes, then this is for you. Shoeboxes hold about 1000 photos, depending on photo size and how it’s packed. The Shoebox can save you a bundle.

Are you planning an anniversary party for your parents or grandparents? Does someone have a milestone coming up, like a 40th birthday, retirement or graduation? We make it easy for you to create a photo album, scrap book or slide show as a gift for their party. Try the Milestone package.

If you have an extensive collection of about photographs to digitize, then The Lifetime package is the option for you. Just load a standard bankers box (10X12X15″) with your photos.

How it Works

1. Get in Touch

Contact Christine and let her know about your pictures. A shoebox filled with old family photos? Photo albums? Maybe you have slide carousels from your parents or grandparents? Or, as is often the case, a mix of all sorts of things in a big, old box. Now is the time to save them!

2. Get Your Photos or Slides to Christine

Set up a time to drop off your collection (or for Christine to pick up in the Cicero area). For info about the types of photos she can digitize and how to get your photos ready, read Getting Your Photos Ready for Scanning.

Too far away? Don’t feel like a face to face? No problem! You can also ship your photos using USPS Priority Mail. If you would like a cost estimate for your project, click here.

3. Get Digitized

Your photos or slides will be scanned and digitized as 300 dpi JPEG files. If other media types are provided, Christine will scan or convert them for you.

4. Get Everything Back and Be Happy

Once your photos or slides are digitized, you will be contacted to arrange a delivery or pick-up time time. If you are too far away, you can have your photos and materials shipped to you via USPS Priority Mail.

About Christine

Christine lives in Cicero, New York with her family. She is a graduate of Oneonta State University, where she earned a BS in Dietetics. She enjoys photography, genealogy and craft projects.