Preserve Your Legacy

Saving your photos forever is easier and more affordable than ever.

Why she does it

Preserving Your Family History


Mom’s Photo Service was inspired by the personal project of a Cicero, New York Mom that involved thousands of photographs and slides spanning generations of family members.

To Make it Affordable for Families

Christine loves helping friends and neighbors preserve their priceless images for generations to come. Working with her is easier and much more affordable than office supply stores and photo labs. Everyone should be able to do this. Plus, free local pickup and drop off makes it accessible to anyone.

For the Community

Mom’s offers something different for fundraising. Tired of chocolate bars and raffle tickets? Offer something truly useful to generate funds for your group or club. A unique opportunity for school clubs or sports leagues. Not only can a local group raise money, but local families get a great service. Click here for fundraising details.

Sample   Work

These are digitized versions of 50+ year old photos that were found in a box in a cellar.

Any questions?

What Mom’s  customers say

“My photo and scrap books came out awesome. Thanks again Christine!”

Lara | Bridgeport, NY

“Thanks so much for all of your help Christine. I’m so happy to finally do this.”

Michelle | North Syracuse, NY

“My whole family thinks I’m the coolest guy and I barely had to do anything. Ha ha. Thanks again.”

Eddie - Liverpool, NY

“I’m so happy!! Thanks for everything Christine.”

Denise | Brewerton, NY


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