What format are the photos scanned at?

Scanned photos are saved as JPEG files (.jpg). Specifically, the files are saved as 24-bit RGB color and the compression quality is set to best. Scans are 300 dpi. If you require a higher dpi for certain images (for enlargement), then me know and I will scan it at 600dpi.

Can I make or print a photo from the files you provide?

Yes, you can upload your photos to websites like Target, Walmart, Walgreens or Kinney Drug and order prints that can be picked up there. You can also bring your flash drive to most stores with a kiosk. Use them for photo albums, framing, scrap books, social media, newsletters, printing on mugs, etc.

What do you save the images to?

For small batch orders, I’ll use a CD or DVD. For larger orders, I’ll use a DVD or USB Flash Drive. If you have a preference, just let me know. If you need backups or copies, then I can add it to your order.

What size are the final image files?

The file size of the scanned images depends on the size of the original photos. For a standard 4 x 6 inch print at 300 dpi the average file size is 300 KB.

Can I provide my own flash drive?

Sure, if you want. I prefer that you don’t, but it’s up to you. I’m not trying to make money off of the thumb drives I use, but I am using new, good quality thumb drives. It doesn’t cost much. The cost for a thumb drive is $20 for up to 19,200 images (the smaller the drive the lower the cost).

Can I talk with you about my project?

Absolutely! I would love to hear about what you’re doing and I’ll offer any advice you might want.

What kind of quality can I expect if I order prints from the store?

Images are scanned at 300 dpi. The quality is good to very good for similar-sized prints. The chart below provides an estimate of print quality when printed or enlarged.

 Original Photo Size 3×5 Print 4×6 Print 5×7 Print 8×10 Print 11×14 Print
2 x 2.5 Good Fair x x x
3 x 3 Good Fair x x x
3.5 x 5 Very Good Very Good Okay x x
4 x 6 Very Good Very Good Good Okay x
5 x 7 Very Good Very Good Very Good Okay x
8 x 10 Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Good


Can’t I just scan my photos myself at home?

Sure!  If you were to scan just 500 4×6 photos yourself on your flatbed scanner, it would take between 3 and 5 minutes per photo. That’s as much as 41 hours of scanning! 1000 photos would take 82 hours and if you have a big collection of 10000 photos, then we’re talking  820 hours. If you scanned for an hour each day, it would take you over 2 years to do it. Scan for 2 hours a week and you’re looking at over 7 years!

Do you make prints?

No, but you can order them from a store like Walgreens for about 10-cents a print. Just upload them from the disc or drive I give you.

Do you offer photo restoration services?

No. If an image has a crease or mark, it will appear in the scanned version as well.

Do you offer photo enhancement?

I can correct the effects of dye fade, and enhance color balance, contrast and brightness on select photos.  If you have a few photos or slides that you know could use manual enhancing, set them aside and let me know. If you want me to use my discretion if I see a poor quality image go through, then let me know and I’ll try to catch it.  If you would like all of the photos to be automatically enhanced (by the software), then I can do that. It may increase the cost somewhat because you will have 2 versions of every photo (original & enhanced), which takes more time and may require more storage (discs or thumb drives).

Do you make sure all the images are oriented the same way?

No. Photos are scanned facing the same direction (landscape). You will have to rotate them yourself if you’re making a slide show or importing them into a document. The only exception is for my Milestone Bundle because that is setup to make slide shows for a party.

Can you scan photos in a photo album?

If you cannot remove photos from a photo album because they are stuck, then let me know. I can scan photos directly from the album. If you want an entire album scanned, then I may be able to do it for an additional per-album fee due to the added time it takes. The minimum cost per album is $5.

Can you scan documents?

Yes, I can scan 8x11-inch documents. The cost is 19-cent per page up to 1000. 12-cents per page for 1000 or more. Pages must be organized in the order you want them scanned. If pages to be scanned are too fragile to be feed scanned, and require flatbed scanning, the cost per page increases. Please contact me with any questions.

What if something happens to my photos or slides or they get lost?

I handle your items with extreme care and respect. If you are mailing photos or materials to us, I prefer USPS 2-Day Priority Mail to insure safety and also because our PO Box is in a climate- controlled environment. That being said, please read the terms and conditions and disclaimers.