Fundraising with Mom’s

Looking for a new way to raise funds for your club or organization?

Mom’s Photo Service offers an easy program that not only brings in the funding you need, but it offers your friends and family something priceless.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be painful. This is a great option for groups from Cicero, NY or nearby areas – including North Syracuse, Clay, Liverpool, Baldwinsville, East Syracuse, Central Square, Mattydale, Bridgeport and Brewerton.

Clubs and Organizations Mom’s Helps

  • School Marching Bands
  • School sports teams
  • Youth Soccer Leagues
  • Youth Baseball Leagues
  • Youth Lacrosse Leagues
  • Travel sports teams, like lacrosse, soccer, baseball and softball
  • School clubs
  • Colorguard
  • Booster clubs
  • Charities

How Does it Work?

You drive people to place an order with Mom’s using a special code for your group. We arrange the services and deliver 20% to your group. Yes, it’s that easy. Email all the parents of the players in your league. Hand out flyers. Post to your club’s social media page. Send people Mom’s way, and the funds come your way.

How Much Can You Raise?

It’s simple. For every package you sell, you keep 20%. For example, if your group accounts for 100 “Shoebox” packages, your group gets $1980.

Interested? Contact Christine.