Do you have old photos sitting on a shelf? Maybe they’re in a box in the basement or attic. There’s no better time to have them scanned, or digitized, than right now.

You may not realize it, but they are degrading right now as you read this. Fading, warping, becoming dull or cloudy. Here are some great reasons to dig out the old photos and have them digitized so they will last forever.


Think about how easy it is for you to lose your photos forever. Water damage, heat damage, fire, theft and, of course, deterioration. Photos do not last forever and Christine makes it so easy. No more excuses!


One person should not have all the family photos in one place! Get your family’s photographs together, make copies and keep your legacy alive forever.


A special gift for your parents, grandparents – or even your own child. Make them a photo album, scrap book or slide show as an anniversary gift. They’ll love it.


Family member have a 40th birthday coming up? Make them a digital slide show or order prints and make a photo album.


Get your family photos together, digitize them and send backup DVD’s to your entire family. They will think you’re a rock star!


How would you feel if an old friend sent you a disk that contained photos of them (and you together) from when you were younger? What an amazing thing to do. And posting your scanned images to Facebook is fast and easy.


Make a photo album, scrap book or slide show for a child graduating high school or college. Load it up with childhood memories for them to cherish forever. Also perfect for sharing at a graduation party!


Gather your vacation photos and digitize them. Then sit back and relive the fun with a TV slide show.

Don’t wait any longer. Save those photos before it’s too late.