Getting Your Photos Ready for Scanning

Getting Photos Ready to Scan and Digitize

What Can Be Scanned

Photos and slides are the main items scanned as part of the packages offered.

Negatives, film, documents and other media may also be accepted for scanning or conversion to another format, but additional fees may apply based on the quantity or extra time required.

Photos must be removed from albums, scrapbooks, frames, etc.. BUT, if a photo is stuck inside an album, we don’t recommend trying to force it out for the risk of damaging the original. Instead, it should be scanned directly from the album. If a collection is provided in albums, additional fees may apply due to the extra time required to process.

Photos must be at least 2×2-inches and no larger than 8×10-inches. All sizes in between are acceptable.

Newspaper clippings, odd shaped or laminated photographs cannot be easily scanned, so additional fees may apply if there is an abundance of them.

Photos should be flexible. Some older photos are mounted to cardboard and may be too thick to be scanned. If a high number of photos provided are thick, additional fees may apply due to the additional time to process.

Remove Photos from Books to Scan

Preparing your Photos

Remove photos from albums or scrapbooks if possible. Make sure there are no staples, paper clips, tape (or anything sticky) attached to any photos.

You can send in any size photo that meets the requirements and all photos will be scanned according to how they are provided. For example, if you have your photos arranged by decade, they will be scanned that way and organized that way when saved. If they are in photo albums, they will be scanned and packed by the album.

If you want your photos to be scanned in a certain order, then you must pack them in the exact order you want them scanned and let us know. Another option would be to separate groups of photos using Ziploc-style bags.

If there are photos with writing on the back, the back can be scanned along with the photo. If there are an abundance of double-sided scans, additional fees may be added due the added time involved.

If you have any questions, please ask!

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